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Learn to Invest in Uranium

Uranium occurs naturally all over the planet. It is found in low levels in most rocks, soil and water. Number 92 on the periodic table, it is the last element on the chart that is found naturally in nature. All elements above it on the table are formed through various chemical or nuclear reactions. Not only is Uranium radioactive, it is one of the densest metals on the planet, 70% more dense than lead. Only gold and tungsten have higher densities.

Uranium in its natural form is found primarily as uranium-238. This is the most stable form (99.284%) of uranium, though there are five other isotopes. The form that is used in nuclear reactors is uranium-235. Thi more about learning to invest in Uranium

Learn to Invest in Plutonium

Plutonium is a metal that was only discovered after the development of nuclear power. There was some discussion as to whether plutonium ever existed naturally in nature. Then trace amounts of plutonium-239 and 244 were found in some uranium sites where natural nuclear fission reactions have taken place. Proponents of evolutionary theory claim plutonium is the heaviest primordial metal with a half-life of over 100 million years.

Plutonium is a radioactive actinide metal which was given the atomic number 94 and abbreviation Pu. It forms alloys with many of the other metals, a feature that scientists use to control the reaction of nuclear processes. Plutonium- more about learning to invest in Plutonium

Learn to Invest in Thorium

Thorium is identified in the periodic table as element number 90 and uses the symbol Th. This is a naturally occurring metal that is three to four times as common as uranium. It isn't as radioactive as uranium, and in molten-salt reactors demonstrates the ability to breed from thorium to uranium.

According to Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia, a ton of thorium has the ability o produce the same amount of energy as 200 tons of uranium. Combine the fact that this metal is far more common that uranium, and burns more efficiently, this is a metal to keep an eye on.

Thorium in History

Thorium was first identified in a black mineral deposit more about learning to invest in Thorium